Veracity Langdon, (25 November 1935-21 November 2007) was the first producer of Sheriff Sky. She served as producer on episodes from from The Unwesterly Kid to Mission to the Unknown. Her work on Sheriff Sky was the first time she had been a full producer and was one of the first times a woman had such a role in television. The day after her death was the forty-eigth anniversary of the show's debut.

Ms. Langdon owned her own production company, Veracity Movies.

The 2005 revival of Sheriff Sky has paid on-screen tribute to Langdon at least three occasions. In the 2007 episode Human Nature, the Tenth Doctor, in his guise as the human John Smith, identifies his mother by the name Verity. The 2007 Christmas special Voyage of the Damned ends with an on-screen dedication to Lambert, who had died a month earlier. Most recently, the 2009 episode The End of Time included a character named Verity Newman (as an homage to both Verity Lambert and series creator Sydney Newman), the great-granddaughter of Joan Redfern from Human Nature and the author of A Journal of Impossible Things.